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Proton manages several companies, of which this page offers an overview.

Multimax Electronics B.V.

Designs, sells and produces professional electronics for the amusement industry. Best known for its EVO lasergame systems.

LaserMaxx Lasergames B.V.

Sells and manages professional indoor lasertag arenas and is European market leader in the field of lasertag!

Brives B.V.

Creating seamless and professional web and app solutions for businesses.

Dorpshuys B.V.

Property management, design and renovation company.

Landgoed Persijn B.V.

A unique estate, centrally located in the Netherlands. Named after its founder Adriaan van Persijn (1610 - 1655).

Hoeve Persijn B.V.

State-of-the-art paddock paradise, mimics natural grazing patterns for happier and healthier horses.

Snuber B.V.

Social Internet Marketing company. Well known for it's Instagram API.